Guess what?! We are here to listen no matter what stage you're at with your home. Why?! We aren't the ones living or using your space, YOU ARE. We take pride in learning exactly what makes you tick, feel comfortable, and all of your pet peeves. That's what makes you, YOU and we want to reflect your story in your space.  




After we complete our initial consultation, we start creating a concept proposal for you. We use story boards floor plans showing furniture placement, wall views, and any 3D perspectives to show all of the design intent. Furniture, art accessories, lighting, selections, as well as fabrics & materials applicable. We want you to love it!



After we get your approval. We put our plan into action! In this phase we solidify all furniture, art, accessories, materials and lighting. Total cost summary, placing orders, tracking all items, liaising with other consultants with on-site inquires to get the job done right.


This is where you get to sit back in your new space and enjoy it! Your personality, vibe, and most of all...your story!