e-design process


To begin the design process, we just need to know how you envision your room, so we can bring it to life! You'll need to email us back:

• A completed design information questionnaire. 

• Provide overall room photos.

• Provide overall room dimensions, ceiling heights, Window & Door Locations.

• Assess current furniture pieces, lighting, accessories & art that you would like to incorporate. Provide photos and dimensions of each item.

• Have inspiration? Pages from magazines? Send them on over. Choose 6 images maximum and explain each image.

• Need inspiration? Check out KEDS's Pinterest Boards, or over on the blog


Once we receive all of the items listed in step one, KEDS will begin your project. 

• We will assess all of the items provided by you.

• Based on the information provided we'll create a storyboard concept for your room.

• A colored scaled floor plan will be created for your room, showing key features & functions. 

• Once the storyboard is created, furniture, materials & finishes will be selected to suit the room concept & where to exactly purchase them.

• Colored elevations will be created to show features, functions and design intent.

•DIY ideas, if applicable to your project.

•Styling tips & accessories for your room.


The moment you've been waiting for... you receive your design straight to your Inbox. 

Our goal at KEDS is to bring accessible design to anyone and everyone who yearns to have a functional well appointed space under just about any budget. 

Your room design is now in your hands to execute. Move as quickly as you can OR leisurely as you like depending on what suits you best. 

Not happy with an aspect of the design? Email me and I'll help you rectify as soon as possible, just to your liking. 

Want additional help? Check out our coaching sessions for further help.

When your project is completed, don't forget to send us photos and share with us the final product. We're dying to see your new room!