I've been in so many conversations over the years with people, saying that they wished they could just throw some ideas around with someone regarding their home, or they wished they had the confidence to bust out the ideas they've got in their head. Well guess what?! That's exactly what these coaching sessions are all about. You provide the agenda or topic and empower you to conquer it. 

• Felt you had great ideas, style, and don’t want to hire an interior designer, because you don’t want to shell out loads of $$. But… felt you needed validation, confidence or a sounding board to see if your ideas will actually work? Look great? Reflect your personality?

• What if you’re already in the throws of a home reno. You’re there with your contractor, architect and they are urging you to make decisions. You’re completely overwhelmed, you don’t know what tile is right! Grout color, what is that? OR I can choose a color for that? What if I told you, I can help by coaching you to make confident decisions, made prior to your contractor even asking. And to top it all off, felt like you are now in control of YOUR renovation?

• What if you and your partner couldn’t agree on a design direction? Can’t come to an agreement at all? OR using words like comfortable, relaxed, too feminine, too masculine and don’t exactly know how to move forward.  What does that exactly mean in furniture piece or paint color anyway?

• What about if you’re selling your home? Don’t know what to edit/do to make it look the best it possibly can in photos and in your real estate ad. Overwhelmed trying to figure out how to stage your home to hit your target market? Our real estate agent wants us to do what?

As your design coach all you need to do is make sure you have a Skype account so I can help you with whatever your questions are. In addition to that, 48 hours prior to our scheduled "Design Coach Date" you must email your questions and any photos, documents, sketches, to help me better understand your project. This allows me time study your materials and make solid suggestions or alternatives if needed. Can you acquire more questions prior to our chat? Of course, but the more you send me prior the better. I can answer and understand your entire vision to make great use of your time during the session.