Lately | A Year in Review

Around the Studio

So much has been going lately and sadly I haven’t been keeping up-to-date with you all. I’m not even going to begin to attempt to tell you everything that has been happening. But I thought since 2016 has come to an end, taking the time to reflect on what this studio and has accomplish only seemed appropriate. 

The first quarter of 2016 was a whirl wind. Wrapping up projects, starting new ones, traveling, moving and trying to stay balanced amongst it all. Always easier said then done, but some how it all happened and everyone here is still thankfully in one piece.

The design studio has had many firsts this year as we grow to just over 2 years old. Not only have we been working with absolutely amazing clients, as you can see one project above and below (more details on this project to come) - but we landed our first hotel hospitality project. As some of you know, this is the type of work I’ve previously done and been a part of, so it sure is a great milestone for this company. Most of the details I can’t quite divulge yet, as we are in the midst of the project.  However, you can see some images here if you’re dying to know more about the project, and see what we’ve been up to.  

On a personal note- seeing my company grow this year in so many ways, I simply can not be thankful enough. The opportunities and the people who have been there to help support it along the way, have been it’s strength. It’s an emotional undertaking starting you’re own business. When things are great, you’re flying high. When you're thrown a curve ball, you still need to keep the momentum going and keep your wits about you at all times. Something that is constantly a work in progress, but I’m sure most of you business owners/entrepreneurs can relate. 

We have also done a little switch with our branding. As you can see, we’ve changed this up a bit  thanks to Cristina Martinez. She’s always such a delight to work with. I highly recommend checking her work out and her shop. And no, Collectively Kay isn’t gone, just taking a small break before it’s new life will be revealed in 2017. So stay on the look out for that. 


Life in General

Well my husband (Jake) and I have been extremely busy this year as well. A couple of exciting trips in the books, studying and just flat out enjoying one another's company with our small little family of two fur-babies, Ranger and Zoey. 

We had a much needed trip to Seattle. Seeing friends and family always rejuvenates the soul. Enough to get recharged and get back to the grind of everyday life. And can I say the weather is much more agreeable in Seattle-well at least when you are living in southern Texas and decide to go in June. Weather in Texas is already hot and humid, while Seattle is just nicely getting summery. The dogs were even thanking us. Yup! They went too and had a blast. Seattle agrees with them.  

We had the best time being tourists and catching up with people we haven’t seen in years, and of course eating our hearts out. It’s just not possible to go somewhere and not be adventurous eating your way through a city or locale- am I right?!

We also made it up to Canada in October to see my family. My father was celebrating a very exciting milestone birthday and of course we just had to be there. Jake had never been to Ottawa, so it was amazing showing him around and experiencing the wonderful Canadian hospitality. And yes!- we ate poutine for those of you wondering. Jake had to have it, and I wasn’t going to let him out of the country without trying it. It would have been sacrilegious or something. Seriously. For those of you who aren’t familiar with poutine, you can head on over to Pinterest and see some mouth watering images. 

Nothing compares to fall in Canada, the colors are stunning. We ended up getting some family photos done to mark the occasion with the whole family. They captured the colors beautifully. In this photo I’m freezing my little a** off here. But you can’t tell right?! Ha! We managed to go from high 90’s in Texas to just above freezing. Say what?! Yup, we hit a particularly cold spell in Ottawa at the time. It even managed to snow. Something I haven't witnessed in years actually. So that was a treat. It was like Canada was saying- we gotta show them a Canadian good time all at once. Well we got it! Beautiful weather, fall colors, snow, food, family, love and laughter. Two weeks jammed packed. 

P.S. in that picture I’m also 4.5 months pregnant. You heard that right. Our family is expanding! We are expecting our first in April. We have so many feelings of nervousness and joy we can hardly contain ourselves. So needless to say our 2017 is going to be adventurous filled with lots more firsts. #familygoals 

So here’s to creating firsts in your life in 2017. What firsts will you try and accomplish this year? Tell me in the comments below- I’m always looking to hear how others enjoy the everyday moments or what their business goals may be, big or small. 

Lots of love and awesomeness in 2017.