5 Tips To Refresh Your Home and start the New Year off right!

Guest Bedroom Design

I’m not sure about you, but when the new year comes around, I feel like I need to not only kick start personal goals, but also just kick start and refresh the space around me. Change the scenery up a bit, and get organized. There always seems to be a running to-do list or goals list, and my home is no different. Well, here are some tips that you can get accomplished in one day or over the weekend to refresh your home and add a little more style without breaking the bank. 

1-Take a photo of your current space, print it out, then draw all over it. | This is an extremely helpful tip, that really allows you to step back from your space and view it a touch more objectively. It’s surprising in our everyday lives how much we go “blind” to our own spaces. Whether it be how cluttered a shelf became or simply gaining understanding on how to better style your space. So here’s where to begin, take a photo of that corner that needs a bit of love. Print it off and take some tracing paper or just directly draw on to it. This will give you a clear idea where to hang pictures, place plants, style books, what ever the case may be. After you’ve decided your photo looks great make a list of the items you’ve drawn in. Do you have some of these already? Can you use that vase that’s sitting in the closet unused? Or is it something you need to go out and purchase? Not to worry, you’ve now got a concise shopping list that will keep you on track and on budget.

Tips to Refresh your home

2-Collect all of your accessories and re-home them. | This kind of ties into the tip above. Take a good look at all of your accessories in each of your rooms. Maybe you have some hiding in a closet some where or maybe you've received some as christmas presents. Whatever the case is, collect them all in one room, and after you completed tip number one for some of those problem areas, start rehoming them. You can breathe so much life into a space and have a greater appreciation for things once they move around the house a bit. Your eye will catch something new, and you remember that great story that comes along with it. It's refreshing, and feels like new, without spending a cent. Well er-maybe. 

Home Accessories

3-Purge, purge, purge. | After collecting all of your accessories and rehoming them. Donate, give away or sell some of the ones you’re not so fond of anymore. This allows you to create new homes for the items you’ve say- just received as gifts, and getting rid of the items that aren’t giving you those good vibes anymore. Surrounding yourself with things you love, gives you a great new found energy. 

4-Buy some plants or flowers. | Buying plants or flowers has always, ALWAYS given me so much joy. Even if they don’t last too long. I always enjoy their presence and the great energy that comes with them. The smell radiates through the house or just seeing a bit of greenery in a corner or table top makes me smile. Not to mention, the air quality benefits too! Who can argue with that!

Home Throw Pillows and Blankets

 5-Accent pillows an throws- One easy and completely economical way to spruce up your space are accent pillows and throws. I have a confession, I’m a huge accent pillow addict! I have a closet filled with them- which I’m sure my husband curses ever time he opens. Point is, depending on the season and your mood it’s a cheap fix for your home to feel refreshed. Throws too- however the collection of throws and blankets are much smaller than the pillows (at least in my case). So whether it be your sofa, guest bedroom, or your bedroom, head over to your local Target, Marshall’s, or Easy even, and get yourself some pillows! 

These tips will definitely get you through feeling the winter blues, and switch up your home a bit to start 2017 off right. You can start to tackle your resolutions list with an energizing new space. Who can argue with that.

Let us know how you've refreshed your own home. Any further tips you can share? Comment below and let us know. Also, feel free to use the hashtag #KEDSrefresh and post your spaces on Instagram.