Finding The Perfect Bed | Tips & Picks


It seems lately I’ve been doing a lot of master bedrooms and guest rooms. So naturally that means I’ve gotten my fill of beds! I’ve come across a lot of really great options, but of course it always depends on the function, size, and limitations the room has to offer.  I’d thought I’d do a great round up of beds spanning from headboards to upholstered beds. Hopefully I don’t lose anyone whisked away but the thought of a great nap or sleep!

Sometimes choosing a bed can be overwhelming, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. Think about the overall aesthetic and function you need to achieve in your bedroom and go from there. Also, begin by pulling some images of beds. After you’ve got 10 or so, take a look at what you’ve pulled. Did you pull more clean-lined and tailored beds, or maybe you were attracted to tufting or wood. Whatever the common denominator is, start there. This exercise focuses your search in a big way and you’ll end up less frustrated in the end.

A couple tips when choosing a bed...

1- Check the measurements! I know this seems like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised. After looking at the obvious, like making sure it fits your existing mattress, (or perhaps your lucky and you can purchase a new one with it). You need to understand the scale of the bed in your room. Is the height of the headboard too high, or low for that matter.  Is the bed going to be awkward to get in and out of? Think about your needs and factor them into your final choices.

1  |  2  |  3

1 | 2 | 3

2- Is the overall height including the mattress, too high or low for your side tables? There often isn’t a hard and fast rule here, but the scale of your bedside tables and bed do matter. If you can match the height of the mattress with your side tables, or the side table are a couple inches higher than the mattress height. Then you're on the right track! Except if you’ve got one of those uber modern platform beds and low side tables anyway.  The the modern platform bed accommodates for that look already, so that rule just goes out the window. Of course there has to be an exception!

Check out these beds below. Some are statement pieces, others are simple but certainly not boring!

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 

I hope I've given you some great ideas and tips to start looking for your next bed or headboard. If you have any questions, or great tips yourself to share with everyone be sure to put them in the comments below. Happy bed shopping folks!