PROJECT UPDATE | Master Bedroom Retreat or Flop?!


Well I’m very excited to start sharing a new project we are really excited about here at CK. One of our design coaching clients has now become an E-Design client! Which is really awesome because number one, it’s great seeing a project through, and number two it’s a touch easier sharing design work with you. I just need your input to take this further, bedroom retreat or bedroom flop?!

Now this client has just recently gone through a major renovation. How major? Well, adding square footage major. We were able to coach them through some of the space planning and architectural elements of the reno. Since the work has been completed, of course this client is itching to finish some of these spaces off with furniture, accessories and styling! 

So before further ado, here’s what we are working on, a master bedroom with loads of natural light. Our client wanted the space to feel "calming", "a retreat”, "an escape", you get the picture right? Well, from their questionnaire we were able to understand that this room would be used for meditation, yoga, in addition to reading and just general relaxing. Overall they wanted a tailored look, but relaxed with textures, and subtle patterns. On top of all of that, we also had to incorporate recently bought furniture, a dresser, nightstands and a chandelier. The dresser and side tables are a rich dark wood tone, with a rustic feel as they have character scratches and imperfections. Offset with sleek and modern dark metal hardware.


Looking at the existing room there are definately some design challenges we will encounter...

1- Cohesively work in the dresser and nightstands. As this client has mentioned they love woods, we will have to find alternative ways to bring in other natural textures into play. The floor is also a light oak hardwood, so too much wood can be overwhelming. We’ll need to find some great pieces to compliment the existing ones.

2- The window over the bed. Taking a quick glance at the floor plan below, the only logical spot for that bed is under that window. So finding creative ways to incorporate it and making that headboard wall look interesting, inviting and a major focal point will be a challenge. The scale of furniture will become really important to create a great overall look for that wall. Challenge accepted!


So here’s the Concept Storyboard we’ve put together so far to evoke a calming escape for this master bedroom. 


Overall we’ll take a neutral subtle palette with some pops of color here and there. The use of natural textures such as wicker, mother of pearl, jute and soft fabrics will be used to compliment the existing wood pieces. Using a layered styling approach will portray a relaxed elegance, with books, potted plants, family photos and artwork. All in all I think we are off to a great start with this master bedroom retreat!  What do you think? Retreat worthy, or potential flop? eek. Tell us in the comments below.

Stay tuned for further updates on this project, as we share more of the design process with you. You can also sign up for project updates too. We are wanting to share more and more of our projects and process with you as we go along, so please pop by.

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