To Plant or Not to Plant


For as long as I can remember my mother, being the wonderful gardener she is, always had plants inside and out! Therefor I've always felt the need to keep up that tradition around any apartment or home I've kept. Some have thrived others have died, but shhh don't tell her that. Regardless, I've always enjoyed having them around the house.


Plants naturally bring life and vibrancy to any space and should definitely be considered when styling and placing the final touches throughout your home. Often a cheaper and definitely cheerful trick, to give a pop of color or deal with any obvious styling gap. I've always been a fan of layering plants or doing at least a cluster of three for instance at different sizes, scales, and plants types. But on the flip side one lone plant added to a side table or console can also do the job just as well!


Quick Tip// When choosing plants, take a photo of your composition you would like to style. For example, say your entry console needs a bit of love, well I suggest take a photo of the entire wall view. Take that photo and print it out or use your iPad or phone to draw over it. This way you can get an idea of the scale the plant needs to be to create a cohesive look.  Do you need a small contained plant? Or a larger more wild plant? One last thing to consider when choosing a plant, how high maintenance do you want it to be? If you know ahead of time that watering that plant is definitely not going to be a routine thing. You should mention that when you go shopping for one. That way you'll get exactly what you want and something you can maintain and enjoy for a good long time.


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To plant or not to plant? Well it's clear to me, always plant!