Ok, so here's the deal... I don't like about pages. I know, I know. It's the page where people try a get a glimpse of who this person is out on the internet. If they seem credible, trustworthy, cool, creative or "whatever" enough. I just never know what to write. I wish I could get someone else to write this, but that wouldn't seem genuine and they would probably gloss over what really makes me... ME, right?! 



To tell you the truth, I'm on a journey. I'm on a journey to educate people and well, to have fun doing it. You see, I love, LOVE interior design. I love making a space work, I love that you can make it into whatever you like, and I love that within all of that, there's limitations and problem solving. Whether your limitation is, a deadline, too many cooks in the kitchen, or that dreaded word we all seem to cringe when hearing ... yup, budget. How we feel about that word b-u-d-g-e-t just needs to change, because guess what?  It's inevitable. Let's get you excited about the possibilities of what you can achieve within your budget, and not what we have to leave out. This idea is the very reason why I've created my design studio. There are a variety of services no matter what your needs & goals are. Whether you're a do-it-yourself-er, or want everything done, I can help you get there. You'll begin to see how easy it can be to rejig, renovate or makeover your home into the space you've always wanted. There's no need for any of this to be overwhelming. My step-by-step approach is designed to empower you, the client, to take the reigns of your own home and make it the best it can be. Anyone can live in a beautiful space no matter what the budget is. It's finding the right balance between function and aesthetics, topped of with your personality. So that's my journey, my goal, my mandate. Making design attainable. 


To catch you up on where I've been so far...I began my adventure to create when I was a toddler. Always creating stories, art, and dance through most of my formative years.  I ALWAYS knew I wanted to create. To be creative, to surround myself with creatives, and to not just live, but more than that, create. Then I wondered how can I make my life and work all about it? I decided Interior Design was the avenue for me. So away I went.

I started studying at The International Academy of Design & Technology, in Toronto Canada, for Interior Design. I then found myself working for one of Toronto's most prestigious high-end residential firms, Sloan Mauran Interior Design. From there, I took on an exciting opportunity and adventure and moved to South-East Asia to the wonderful country of Singapore. Working for such companies as Blink Design Group & most recently Aedas Interiors. I've worked and managed a variety of projects, ranging from exotic resorts and hotels, to residences & restaurants throughout the region. I've experienced some amazing culture, sights, people, and food. It's an adventure I'm extremely happy to have taken. I'm now based in the United States where I've turned my focus back to residential design and education, in hopes to inspire and help clients to create their beautiful home for themselves.